Teaching Philosophy

I teach close reading by encouraging students to pay attention to key words, key images, and key concepts (K-WIC, pronounced as quick). By using this K-WIC method of engaging with texts, students are compelled to slow down when they’re reading, which in turn helps them to see and establish connections between textual details and multiple larger contexts.

I’m also committed to providing co-curricular programming that enhances students’ learning.


  • Asian American Experience (spring 2014)
  • Introduction to Multiethnic Literatures of the United States (spring 2013)
  • AIDS Literature and Film (fall 2012; fall 2011)
  • Asian North American Literature and Film (fall 2012; spring 2012; fall 2011; spring 2011)
  • The City and Gay and Lesbian Identity (spring 2012)
  • Allusion and Appropriation in Gay and Lesbian Literature (spring 2011; fall 2010)
  • Mapping Ethnic Canadian Literatures in English (fall 2010)
  • Gay Male Literature since Stonewall (fall 2009)
  • Theories of Gender and Sexuality (summer 2004; summer 2000)
  • Readings in Colonial and Postcolonial Literature (spring 2000)
  • Colonial and Postcolonial Theory (summer 1999)
  • Expository Writing II: Big Ideas, Big Business (spring 2010)
  • Expository Writing II: Racial and Ethnic Identities (spring 2001)
  • Expository Writing I (spring 2001; spring 2000; spring 1999)


  • Asian American Studies Learning Community (fall 2012; spring 2013; fall 2013; spring 2014)
  • Annual Undergraduate Symposium on Asians in the Americas and the Diaspora (spring 2012; spring 2011)
  • Rainbow Writers Reading Series (spring 2012; spring 2011)